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Kyle Yamnitz - Personal Profile

KyleThis is my personal profile - if you're interested in my business profile, click the link above!

I'm a divorced father with one child (Conner, born in 2003). I'm an easy-going guy with a zest for life and optimistic outlook. I enjoy spending time with my son, travelling, working out, running, biking, cooking / eating healthy, playing Texas Hold 'Em with friends, scuba diving, running a saltwater reef aquarium with Conner, following a few favorite sports teams, and just getting outside and doing things!

I'm a Mizzou grad and as such, a big Mizzou Tigers fan (for football and basketball)! I also follow the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, and St. Louis Cardinals.

I also enjoy photography, as you can see from my multiple photo albums here! I've always been a technology geek and tinker with A/V equipment, build computers, etc.

I tend to keep myself pretty busy. If I'm not working on my business, I'm trying to have some fun (work hard / play hard) and really want to make the most of life.